Neil Parkinson


I started my career in the Travel Industry back in May 1983, this year will mark my 41st year in the industry. I started my career as a YTS student for a small independent agency just outside Bolton. Between then and now I have worked for a variety of companies and gained a wealth of experience. I have worked for The Walt Disney Travel Company, visiting Orlando many times and the Disney Cruise line. My ultimate goal is to help my customers make their holiday a memorable experience from start to finish.


Countries Visited:

I have been fortunate enough to visit some fantastic destinations around the world for either work or on holiday. Some of my favourite places include Orlando, South Africa, Thailand, a wide range of Mediterranean destinations.

I had the opportunity to join Worldchoice back in August 2023, and since then I have attended a renowned Travel Conference in Munich and I’m looking forward to joining a tour of Croatia in April.

Favourite Destination:

My favourite destination has to be Tunisia where I have been many times staying in a variety of Hotels and Resorts.

Travel Tip:

Consider where you want to travel to and be conscious of what to pack. Don’t forget the sun tan lotions and I beg you to never travel without insurance. You’ll need some spends as well, we offer the best rates in town, so order in your spends when you book.

Neil Parkinson